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Saddle Rack
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The best saddle rack for any barn, tack room or trailer.

The Saddle Rack is easily installed by sliding the base of the rack onto a Monkey Bar. It can be placed under a shelf or any location a Monkey Bar is used. Using two drop down braces, four Monkey Bars and a selection of hooks, up to eight saddles along with ropes, harnesses, lariats and other tack can be stored. Our Saddle Racks are great for tack rooms in trailers, barns or other locations.

Each Saddle Rack is rated for 60 lbs. and is 22" long x 10" wide x 5" deep.
The framework is made with powder coated, industrial grade steel.

For convenience, the Saddle Rack can be installed in less than a minute. Place it on a Monkey Bar and slide it into any position you desire. The Monkey Bar system allows you to store 8 saddles in a 4 ft x 4 ft space. No other product provides the versatility and flexibility of the Monkey Bar Saddle Rack.  Now you can have the tack room you always wanted!  Works on Western and English style saddles.

Monkey Bar systems are backed by a lifetime warranty.

sports Bag
The sports bag can easily be added to a Monkey Bar to store balls and other sports equipment. Just load your gear into the bag at the top and remove from the flap in the front.
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The Monkey Bar Sports Bag is used for storing various sized balls or other sporting items. Now you can have all your sports balls organized in one convenient location.  The bag is made from a sturdy nylon mesh and is attached to the frame by 8 Velcro closures. And it usually hangs low enough for smaller children to remove items with ease.

The Monkey Bar Sports Bag is 48" deep with an 11"x 11" top opening.  It has a large front opening that seals other balls in while grabbing the ball of choice. The Monkey Bar Sports Bag is ideal for storing various sized sports balls, holding up to 8 large basketballs.

Monkey Bar Sports Bag is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Bucket Rack
Get your buckets off the ground with the Monkey Bars Bucket Hanger! This handy accessory allows you to store buckets and use your buckets as storage containers... put a lid on them to keep out rodents, dust and bugs.

The wall mounted bucket rack is used as an accessory to the Monkey Bar Storage System. You can use it to organize your automotive supplies, cans of spray paint, animal feed, small tools and more. The bucket rack can be custom mounted at any location in the garage, even between brackets under a Monkey Bar shelf system.  

The Monkey Bar Bucket Rack holds any 5 Gallon or 3 Gallon Bucket.
Its made of industrial steel with a powder coated finish.  Each Bucket Rack will support up to to 50 lbs per bucket.

Mount them in garages, toy haulers, horse trailers, utility trailers, sheds, barns and any other place you can imagine.  Buckets not included.

Monkey Bar systems are backed by a lifetime warranty.
A very popular accessory of the Monkey Bars Garage Storage System is the custom made work space. It can be integrated below the actual shelving system or as a stand-alone unit on a separate wall space in the garage.

Work Bench
The bench top is 24 1/2" deep from the wall.
The shelf material is 1-1/8" MDF with rounded edges.
All metal parts are powder coated for a long lasting finish.
The Work Benches are rated at 1,000 lbs. for every 4' of bench and are secured to the wall using 3/8" x 3" lag screws.
The surfaces of our Work Benches can be left natural or finished with either a clear or colored epoxy finish for stain-free durability.
The Work Benches are reinforced on the back side with supports attached to the studs between the main support brackets.

The wall mounted work benches are unlike other work benches or tables in that everything is off the floor for easier cleaning. The work benches have ten holes in each bracket for sliding in multiple Monkey Bars. These can be used for hanging tools or to add a portable shelf. They can be set at any height and tailored to your individual needs. Our Work  Benches can be fabricated in lengths up to 8' in length.
The adjustable Drop-Down Shelves can easily fold up against the wall when not in use. If more height is needed between shelves, they can be converted from 4 shelves to 2 in just minutes.

The Drop-Down Shelves can simply be moved by removing the Monkey Bar and sliding it into any other shelving system location. These shelves can be made to any length up to 42" with a depth of 12". The Drop-Down Shelves are great next to the door going into the house for shoes, cleaning supplies, pantry items, roller blades, bulk drinks, pet supplies and more. The Drop-Down Shelves can be used for small gardening supplies next to the door of the back yard. Our Monkey Bar Team can customize the shelves to fit your needs.

The Drop-Down shelf is rated at 80 lbs.
The shelf material is ¾ " melamine with PVC edges.
The framework is made with powder coated steel.
Drop Down Shelves
This portable shelf can be moved to any location whenever your storage needs change.

The portable shelf is exactly what it sounds like. It can simply be moved by removing the Monkey Bar and sliding it into any other shelving system location. This shelf is unique in that it can be made to any length up to 44" and a depth of 10" to 14". Your Monkey Bar Dealer can customize this shelf for your needs.

The Portable Shelf is a versatile member of the Monkey Bars family adding movable shelf space. Its rated at 80 lbs. capacity. The shelf material is ¾" melamine with PVC edges and the shelf arms are made with powder coated, structural - grade steel for strength.
You will find that everything we design is wall mounted. Having everything off the floor makes for easier cleaning.

The Monkey Bar sitting benches are wall mounted so they do not have framing on the floor. You will find like everything else we design, there is nothing on the floor in the way when cleaning the floor. A portable shelf can be placed under the sitting bench for storing shoes.

Monkey Bar dealers are trained to design and construct custom sitting benches that will fit your specific needs. Sitting Benches are secured to the wall using 3/8"x 3" lag screws and have a surface that is 16" deep from the wall.  Bench tops are constructed from 1-1/8" thick MDF and have rounded edges for comfort. All metal parts are powder coated for a long lasting finish. Benches can be constructed any length up to 8' in length. They can incorporate a shelf underneath, which is a great place to store your work boots, running shoes, sneakers, etc.
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This folding workbench is the perfect answer to your work space needs, especially if you don't need, or want, to have the work space set up all the time.  This work bench is perfect for those who only need a sturdy work surface on an occasional basis.  Great for hobby activity, gardening and most home repair projects. 

When in the closed position, the work bench folds nearly flat against the wall.  This is a great feature if the bench is installed on the side wall of the garage.

Opened up, the work bench extends 24" from the wall, and is available in lengths from 4' to 6'.

The work bench has a plastic laminate top for easy cleaning and has a vinyl edge band for a finished look.

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